32" x 32"


180 points


15 layers of thread



This Mandala is based on the mathematical principle of a cardioid, which is literally a map of the path of a fixed point on a circle which rolls around the perimeter of another circle.

Ptolemy unknowingly drew this design in drawing the paths of the planets, as seen from a fixed point on the surface of the earth.     In its design, 15 rotations of the basic cardioid are formed, which create an inner sphere of higher energy. Its facets appear frequently in nature, particularly in plant cells and their infrastructures. Crystals, including snowflakes, often resemble this form.     The lotus occupies an important symbolic position in religious symbolism, representing both the process of unfolding and of purification.

The curves that you think you see are optical illusions.


               Chi Ball

String Art Chi Ball String Mandala

Chi Ball Patterns


Chi Ball Focii


Chi Ball Center



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