Enjoy some links to my favorite artists:  
It's a wonderful world . . .
   Mandala-2008 by Sebastian Wahl        SebastianWahl.com
              Amazing collages in resin by Sebastian Wahl    

   The Watcher by Leslie Benson        LeslieBenson.com
              Incredible Weaving Sculptures by Leslie Benson    

   Rainbow Mandala by Rip Bodman        StudioInTheSky.net
              Serigraphs and etchings by Rip and Judy Bodman    

   Alex Grey        AlexGrey.com
              Visionary art by Alex Grey    

   Waterfall 3 by Tom Stanton        HolyCityGlassArt.com
              Magical stained glass by Tom Stanton    

   Every Day is a Gift        MagneticGraffiti.com
              Original calligraphy on magnets    

   Kitty Norris        KittyNorris.com
              Energy work based on the ancient traditions of the Americas    

   Steve Kritzer - Dreams Crossing        SteveKritzer.com
              Instrumental and vocal wizardy that is truly amazing    

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